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29 Dec 2014

How To Know If Your Trip Requires An Additional Travel Permit

Before going on an international trip, one should be aware of whether an additional travel permit is necessary. Most countries require a visa, which is issued by a foreign country. There are several ways to find out this information. One of the easiest ways this can be done is by

27 Dec 2014

The British Space Program

The British Space Program was the first attempt at space travel by any country starting in 1933. Sir Arthur C. Clarke was a key figure. He was credited with originating a type of satellite known as geostationary, which was used for telecommunications. Soon after Britain’s initial space program started, it

The  plane
26 Dec 2014

The Space Shuttle

NASA’s construction of the first reusable space shuttle was one of the biggest moments of modern history. During the 1960s and 1970s space shuttles could only be used once. This made space travel and exploration extremely expensive. A reusable space craft was absolutely necessary if space research was to continue.

Business class
25 Dec 2014

How To Get Bumped Up To First Class When Travelling With An Airline

  Everyone would like to fly first class. It is comfortable, luxurious and simply a great way to fly. Although true, it comes with a big price tag. The thing is, it is possible to get bumped up to first class for free. You just have to know how to

woman hand holding the phone with mobile wallet and plane ticket
23 Dec 2014

How To Find Out About Air Fare Discounts

People that fly on a regular basis are going to want to know where the airfare discounts are. Some savvy frequent flyers are able to find all the discounts very easily. Others may have a difficult time trying to find the proper discounts. The following information helps people find the

23 Dec 2014

How To Get Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers you when you are physically in any other country other than your home country. Depending on the provider that issues the coverage, it can also be referred to as a medical protection plan or international medical insurance. The main

weary traveller napping due to jet lag
20 Dec 2014

How To Prevent Jet Lag

Planetary science is an exciting area of study that involves the research of planetary bodies. This includes planets, their moons and even the search for extraterrestrial life on those planets and moons. Most planetary scientists are particularly interested in our solar system. The Goals Of Planetary Science Looking for extraterrestrial

16 Dec 2014

Popular Family Vacations

Beaches are a popular choice for family getaways. The accessibility and family-friendly environment makes the beach a great location for that well-deserved vacation and much-needed rest with the family. The United States has no shortage of great beach spots. When a lot of people think of the beach, they think



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